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Operational Instructor (for MSOFS NAVSCIATTS)

Spathe Systems is seeking an Operational Instructor with riverine experience for a NAVSPECWARCOM customer.

Spathe Systems is a rapidly growing SOF led, 8(a) defense contractor headquartered in Tampa, FL with offices in Fayetteville, NC and strategic partner locations in Virginia Beach and Coronado. As a small business with a tight nit family feel, Spathe empowers its employees to solve problems and make decisions.

Clearance: Secret


Job Description:

Provide development, instructional support, and training analysis for high risk, operational

and logistical requirements to support Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical School (NAVSCIATTS). Employ expertise in the methodology of learning, curriculum development, question and test development, effective classroom and lab instructional delivery techniques, employment of training aids, student progress measurement strategies, lesson delivery, public speaking, and functional knowledge of the Navy’s Operational Risk Management process. Shall perform the functions in accordance with Naval Education and Training Command’s NAVEDTRA 130C (series) and have an in depth knowledge of written and oral communication principles, methods, and techniques; analytical methods; and interpersonal relations practices. Position responsibility and level of expertise should be that of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Special Operations and conventional or law enforcement agency operations, tactical deployment of Special Operations Forces and operational level mission planning.



  • SOF and Conventional Force roles and structure.
  • Educate trainees on SOF operational forces consisting of unit organization, training, and equipping to deploy and serve in different combatant commanders’ areas of operation.
  • Structures include interchangeable units grouped under various headquarters.
  • Small unit leadership theory and development.
  • Teach basis of leadership to trainees and must understand what leadership is and does.
  • Provide trainees with an understanding of the elements of combat power and how leadership unifies the elements while building confident, competent, and informed leaders.
  • Tactical small craft formations, day, and night.
  • Build trainees confidence to operate in tactical formations while maintaining situational awareness in combat effective maneuvers.
  • Tactical small craft boarding, day, and night.
  • Provide techniques and tactics to understand boarding procedures and interdiction disciplines.
  • Troop leading procedures.
  • Develop formal and informal troop leading procedures that empower subordinates to make decisions and manage risk in the tactical level of war.
  • Operational risk management.
  • Teach and define risk management to develop central ideas, principles of risk management.
  • NSW Dynamic land Range Safety Officer/Range Officer In-Charge.
  • Train participants to manage roles and responsibilities to operate safe functional ranges.
  • NSW Dynamic Waterborne Range Safety Officer/Range Officer In-Charge.
  • Train participants to manage roles and responsibilities to operate safe functional maritime ranges for various craft.
  • Mission tasking and mission planning.
  • Develop military decision-making process for mission analysis and operational action development.
  • Small craft navigation on rivers and Open Ocean, day, and night.
  • Train participants to manage roles and responsibilities to operate in the maritime domain for various craft.
  • Land navigation, day, and night.
  • Train participants to operate safely over various terrain.
  • SOF patrolling.
  • Providing trainees with an understanding and practical exercises in SOF patrolling formations, commands, and service member’s responsibilities.
  • Develop physical training routines and opportunities to build a stronger and healthier life and team development.
  • Land and waterborne tactical route planning.
  • Train SOF leaders in tactical unit movement over land and water that gives tactical advantage to operational forces.
  • Utilize combat reaction drills that transform learned tactics into mussel memory and operator instinct.
  • Develop military decision-making process for mission analysis and operational action development.
  • Develop SOF skills to conduct special reconnaissance operations.
  • Provide trainees with opportunities to further develop public speaking techniques and personal presentation tips for speaking and presenting publicly.
  • Assist with instructing of Foreign Security Force Students (FSF) at the schoolhouse and while deployed on Mobile Training Teams (MTT)’s.
  • Assist in analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum for assigned courses, and assist in determining the need for new or revised curricula.
  • Communicate with Government Representatives, Training Officer (TO) and Learning Standards Office (LSO), Dynamic Instructors, engineers, technicians, contractors, vendors, and manufacturers to assist in development of new curricula on current and new technical and dynamic courses of instruction.
  • Assist with coordinating schedules between Operational, Communications, and Maintenance related courses to support end of course Field Training Exercises (FTX).
  • Assist to devise, develop, and implement long range plans to anticipate and incorporate new procedures and technological developments into the respective curriculums.
  • Assist in evaluating training aids and provide recommendations to determine need for upgrades or changes.
  • Provide advice and information regarding technical support for various watercraft equipment and weapon systems in accordance with the following Naval Instructions: OPNAVINST 5100.19E, Safety Precautions for Forces Afloat; OPNAVINST 3500.39C, Operational Risk Management; OPNAVINST 4790.4 Series, Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) Manual; and OPNAVINST 5530.13C Arms, Ammunition and Explosives Physical Security.
  • To provide technical instruction on range safety, shall complete all specific criteria in accordance with COMNAVSPECWARCOM INST 3591.1C and designated in writing by the Commanding Officer, conduct duties as Range Officer In-Charge (ROIC) and Range Safety Officer (RSO).



  • Three (3) years’ experience as active duty service member in at least one of the following specialties: United States Navy (USN) Sea Air Land (SEAL), USN Special Warfare Combatant Craft (SWCC), United States Army (USA) Special Forces, Ranger, or Infantry or United States Marine Corps MARSOC or Infantry operator.
  • Six (6) years’ leadership and instructor experience in a formal training environment with no Degree, or four (4) years’ leadership and instructor experience in a formal training environment with a degree or certificate from an accredited U.S. college in either Education, Engineering, or Instructional Development.
  • Three (3) years’ experience in a technical environment (technical writing, rewriting, and updating curriculum) in principles of SOF-unique watercraft systems and equipment.
  • Four (4) years’ experience as a USN Enlisted Qualification (NEC 805A) Instructor.
  • USN Master Training Specialist (MTS) certification or another agency equivalent.
  • Six (6) years’ experience in course curriculum management and providing instruction.
  • Examples of relevant course curriculum and instruction areas are Diesel and Outboard Engine Maintenance and Overhaul, Aluminum and Arc Welding, Navigation, Field Communications, Weapons Systems Operation and Maintenance, Electrical systems repair and maintenance and Electronic systems repair and maintenance.
  • Shall be fluent in English. Ability to also speak fluently in Spanish and/or French is preferred.
  • Five (5) years’ collective experience working with/implementing the following Naval Instructions in their respective course: OPNAVINST 5100.19 Series, Safety Precautions for Forces Afloat; OPNAVINST 3500.39 Series, Operational Risk Management; OPNAVINST 4790.4 Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) Manual; and OPNAVINST 5530.13C Arms, Ammunition and Explosives Physical Security.
  • Five (5) years’ experience in logistics and maintenance support of various U.S. Navy maritime systems, watercraft, and equipment.
  • Shall be able to complete the Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS), mental, medical, and financial screening, along with the Commanding Officers concurrence in writing within six months of employment, as a “High Risk Instructor” per guidelines set forth in OPNAVINST 1500.75 Series, Policies and Procedures for Conducting High-Risk Training. Courses taught incorporate the use of dynamic and static small arms “Live Fire” action during course of instruction.
  • Shall be able to obtain and maintain current Mississippi Statewide Security Guard Gun permit.
  • Shall be able to obtain and maintain current Commercial Driver License (CDL) Class A.
  • Be physically fit and able to work in an environment that is fast paced while completing multiple tasks and meeting required deadlines.
  • Be able to work non-standard schedules to satisfy training requirements as required.


Work Location:

  • Stennis Space Center, MS



  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • Paid Time off
  • 10 Federal Holidays



  • Monday to Friday with flexible work hours (may require additional weeknights and/or weekends).
  • General core hours 0700-1800 hrs.



  • Personnel may be required to travel CONUS or OCONUS for up to 4 weeks per trip.
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