SPATHE Forms New Joint Venture with SE2S

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Tampa, FL – May 2024 – SPATHE Systems LLC and SE2S unveil new joint venture: SPATHE Strategic Solutions, a New Era of Collaboration for Special Operations Forces Support.

Spathe Systems is proud to announce the formation of SPATHE Strategic Solutions, a collaborative joint venture formed with fellow defense contractor, SE2S, aimed at enhancing support for Special Operations Forces (SOF) worldwide. This joint venture represents a genuine commitment to excellence and a shared vision for delivering impactful solutions to meet the evolving needs of SOF operators.

Bringing together the collective expertise of Spathe Systems and SE2S, SPATHE Strategic Solutions is founded on a mutual respect for the mission and a dedication to serving those who serve our nation. With a combined history of success across all echelons of USSOCOM, including Headquarters, Components, and Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOC), the joint venture is poised to make a meaningful difference in the modern landscape of special operations.

Our mission is to deliver stability, agility, and reach enabling USSOCOM’s priorities of People, Win, and Transform by leveraging the resources and expertise of superior performing SOF focused companies while positioning our joint Venture as the premier provider of mission support capability supporting our nation’s elite forces.

“We are excited to join forces with SE2S in this new endeavor. Our shared values and commitment to mission success are the driving forces behind SPATHE Strategic Solutions. Together, we will strive to provide the highest caliber of support to our nation’s special operations forces.”

Mark Clifton
President, Spathe Systems

SPATHE Strategic Solutions will focus on delivering tailored services and solutions that address the unique challenges facing SOF operators. From strategic consulting to advanced technology integration and training support, the joint venture will offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of special operations forces worldwide. This includes SOF Education & Training, Program Management, Engineering, Administrative and other technical services as required.

As we embark on this new journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving as a trusted partner to USSOCOM and a force for positive change in the SOF community. By combining passion, expertise, and a genuine dedication to mission success, this new joint venture is poised to make a lasting impact on the future of Special Operations Forces.


About SE2S: SE2S is a respected defense contractor known for its strategic support and solutions tailored to the needs of government agencies, with a focus on Special Operations Forces (SOF). With a team of seasoned professionals driven by a passion for mission success, SE2S is committed to delivering superior results and making a positive impact on the defense community.

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