Workforce Moernization

Spathe Systems helps to modernize your infrastructure and application workforce to keep up with the fast-paced and quickly changing IT landscape. The newer technology does not support locating and capturing talent in the existing DoD labor pool.  Finding seasoned commercial resources with the required skill sets to complete work in the DOD space are extremely expensive due to the huge amount of demand in the commercial and DoD sectors, and the emerging technology.  Spathe Systems will create a plan to acquire new resources for your enterprise and ensure they meet the technology requirements and mission sets unique to you. Spathe Systems will collaborate with members within your technology organization to obtain information on current technologies, future technologies, gaps in technology knowledge, upcoming modernization efforts and associated knowledge required of the workforce.

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We will create a custom training plan for each Workforce Incubator instance as it relates to your approved annual recommendations while ensuring the following is always included and takes place:

    • Overview of your specific mission and technology needs
    • DoD Security standards and Security requirements (OpSec, ComSec, etc)
    • Agile/Scrum management and development principles
    • Coordination with the developers, functional leads, program offices or other technology leaders that have been identified as having technology gaps that will be supported by the Workforce Incubator program.
    • Assurance that the Workforce Incubator program is targeting the identified gaps and fulfilling the need for the new skillset as identified by the associated developers, functional leads, program offices or other technology leaders
    • Complete clearance initiation for all new Workforce Incubator candidates with the goal of interim clearance being completed by the end of the incubation period each year
    • Provide workspace, laptops, and associated IT equipment required for the team to function