Spathe Systems is a diverse and experienced workforce comprised of SOF, commercial, and academia professionals that currently provide Subject Matter Expertise to USSOCOM, TSOCs, and components. We are integrated across the entire Enterprise, with a complete understanding of USSOCOM’s complexities that a vast network brings to the fight. We assist with specialized training, are properly equipping, and are supporting deployed forces across the globe. Our capabilities and expertise are in line with full spectrum operations in the execution and planning stages ranging from the tactical ground level through an operational and a strategic level. We currently operate at the “Speed of SOF” by providing assistance with complex problems and providing innovative solutions in Cyber Security, Cloud Enterprise, DEVSECOPS, and IT network infrastructure. Our experts fully understand the importance of a strong, unified, fighting force comprised of a multinational partnership and have provided mission support operations with numerous NATO and coalition countries. We are capable to deploy across your enterprise and around the globe in support of providing interoperable, innovative, capable, persistent, resilient, and secure lines of communication. Our core strengths bring stability and continuity to an ever-changing fast pace environment by providing our workforce the leadership and support that allows them to communicate effectively and focus on the mission.

  •   Big Data
  •   Artificial Intelligence
  •   Machine Learning
We have subject matter expertise in placing intelligence personnel in very unique and highly demanding positions, including:
  • 24/7 Warehouse
  • Enterprise Services
  • Interoperable
Through our full-service warehouse operations, we provide complete product lifecycle management to make certain provisions, equipment, and systems are ready anytime, anywhere. Our total supply chain solutions utilize technological expertise to enhance visibility, facilitate readiness-based sparing, and analyze readiness in near real-time. To advance the secure flow of supplies, we optimize efficiency while minimizing the time and cost of meeting readiness requirements across the enterprise.
  •   Mobility
  •   Enterprise Services
  •   Interoperable

Our workforce is adept and experienced in conducting routing, crisis or combat operations across all continents. We are a global workforce that provides expertise that encompasses the ability to track and disposition a discreate, specific target on one end of the operational continuum, and operate within and against enterprises, social or technical, at the other end of the operational continuum.

  •   Software/Computer Languages
  •   Internships
  •   Incubator

We deliver workforce readiness by tailoring solutions to achieve the optimal capability of our customers organization and individual. SPATHE supports mission readiness with state-of-the-art training, custom learning, and workforce development. We design our training to improve performance, enhance workforce capabilities, and increase productivity, as well as deliver scalable, on-demand training to meet DoD requirements for mission readiness and effectiveness.