Workforce Modernization

Improving and Maintaining the SOF Workforce

Spathe Systems is committed to improving and maintaining the SOF workforce, now and in the future. By leveraging our unique ability to merge Defense, commercial, and academic backgrounds, Spathe continually enables individuals to capitalize on their skills and succeed in an evolving field. Our Workforce Modernization pillar tailors to the growing need for a diverse workforce, and we invest our resources into several opportunities that help equip these men and women prior to entering the job market. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned military veteran, our team stands ready to help you take your career to the next level. Learn more about our Workforce Modernization programs and partnerships below:

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We will create a custom training plan for each Workforce Incubator instance as it relates to your approved annual recommendations while ensuring the following is always included and takes place:

    • Overview of your specific mission and technology needs
    • DoD Security standards and Security requirements (OpSec, ComSec, etc)
    • Agile/Scrum management and development principles
    • Coordination with the developers, functional leads, program offices or other technology leaders that have been identified as having technology gaps that will be supported by the Workforce Incubator program.
    • Assurance that the Workforce Incubator program is targeting the identified gaps and fulfilling the need for the new skillset as identified by the associated developers, functional leads, program offices or other technology leaders
    • Complete clearance initiation for all new Workforce Incubator candidates with the goal of interim clearance being completed by the end of the incubation period each year
    • Provide workspace, laptops, and associated IT equipment required for the team to function

Spathe Systems Military Fellowship Programs

Spathe Systems has the unique opportunity to leverage a strategic relationship with USSOCOM’s WarriorCare Program. This partnership allows Spathe to help assist military veterans with their transition into the commercial workforce. Throughout the course of their internship, WarriorCare interns work hands on with Spathe employees on real tasks for the mutual goals of professional development.

WarriorCare interns are exposed to a variety of departments at Spathe custom to the intern’s goals and interests. This can include working with Program Managers, App Developers, HR staff, etc. Our WarriorCare interns are given complete flexibility to explore multiple opportunities that will broaden their expertise and ultimately increase their competitive edge in the job market. Typically, our interns are brought in for several months where we educate, train, and prepare them for their careers. We’ve had several talented WarriorCare interns join our team at Spathe who have gone on to achieve great things – both with our company and others. These interns bring a perspective unique to the warfighter that allows us to guide and direct them to success, while maintaining our diverse and talented workforce.

Internship Period
up to 179 Days

Tailored to
Your Interests

Immersing Learning

Our partnership with USSOCOM’s WarriorCare Coalition is a privilege and responsibility that we do not take for granted at Spathe Systems. Our team is composed of many talented men and women with backgrounds in SOF/military service. We understand how those with similar experience are uniquely positioned to provide cutting-edge and innovative solutions. Our company moves ‘at the speed of SOF’ because of individuals like our WarriorCare interns. We understand the military transition on a personal level and welcome all likeminded veterans to join our team of professionals and start their careers.

This article does not constitute an endorsement of Spathe Systems, LLC by the Department of Defense or U.S. Special Operations Command.

Spathe’s Incubator Program

Spathe’s commitment to diversifying the workforce continues with our Incubator program. This mentorship program provides young adults with academic backgrounds the opportunity to transfer their skills into applicable, hands on work. The Incubator was formed as a way to address the growing need for a specific skillset that satisfies DOD requirements. Incubator interns walk away with unique experience that competitively position them for job opportunities within DOD, including USSOCOM, TSOCs, and Components.

Spathe sources local, junior-level talent with academic backgrounds in development, systems administration, analytics, and cybersecurity. Over the course of their internship, candidates assist Spathe with real projects that satisfy company goals while broadening their skillsets. In addition, Spathe assists these interns with obtaining a security clearance so that they are able to work for DOD and USSOCOM. Over the course of six months, Incubator interns are exposed to new and diverse methods of support and are given the ability to learn more about the Defense sector. Our Incubator interns have gone on to strengthen our local Tampa market while providing unique and current knowledge to the team at Spathe.

In 2020, Spathe’s Mobile Training Team (MTT) built a fully functional demo application to provide students hands-on DevSecOps training.  Students condense the critical elements of modern, containerized cloud-based architecture into a balanced set of frequently used and functional components that establish an integrated, reusable framework baseline to launch application development efforts featuring Agile methodologies, RESTful architecture, and CI/CD pipelines.

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